Thursday, December 22, 2022

Sharing Reading Suggestions for the Holidays 2022


The holidays are a great time to gift friends, family and  yourself with books to read. And there certainly are a lot of them being published! You can find books to suit every age and taste whether fiction or nonfiction. Let’s share recommendations, whether it be your own work or that of others.

I’ll start things going. I just finished THE SILENCE OF THE LIBRARY by Miranda James—who is actually Dean James. This cozy mystery is part of a series. I also read Mary Balogh’s Regency Christmas novels, CHRISTMAS BRIDE and CHRISTMAS BEAUX—together in one book. I can recommend each of these. I both read and write historical romance as well as mysteries. So these are personal preferences. 

I have short stories in the recent crime anthologies JACKED and GONE. I received my own copies and look forward to reading the stories in each book. Both anthologies are impressive.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Please share the books and publications you think will make for good holiday reading.

Also, feel free to talk about work you’ve recently had published if you’re an author. Readers, please mention books you have on your wish list and/or recently read and enjoyed.




  1. Thank you so much for this, Jacqueline. I'm reading The Essex Serpent by Sarah Parry just now. Wonderful, evocative historical fiction.

    My own book, SISTERS AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD opens on the Winter Solstice in 1st century Scotland.

    The main character is neurodiverse, and has been non-verbal until that first scene of the book.

    Paperback & kindle:

    1. Ailish,

      Thanks for commenting and telling us about your novel.

  2. Thank you for giving us this opportunity, Jacqueline! I just released a Christmas novella for my Jax Diamond Mysteries series which takes everyone back to the beginning:

    Puppy Ace teaches Jax the true meaning of friendship when they team up to save the Christmas holidays in 1923 New York City. It's a fun murder-mystery series starring PI Jax Diamond, his courageous canine partner Ace, and Broadway rising star, Laura as they solve crimes during the Roaring Twenties.

    I have had a blast writing these books and learning about the era and at the end, I share some fun facts and music links. Thank you again for letting me share this. Happy Holidays!

    1. Oops...forgot the Amazon link - IT'S FREE, by the way!

    2. Gail,

      This sounds like a perfect holiday read!

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to mention my Christmas novella, Keri's Christmas Wish.

    Blurb: Controversy and Inconsistencies are thieves of holiday joy for there any hope for a happy holiday season?

    For as long as she can remember, Keri Jackson has despised the hype and commercialism around Christmas—especially with the controversy over the time of Jesus’s birth. Will she get her wish and be free of the angst to truly enjoy Christmas this year?

    Jeremy Hinton thinks Keri is a highly intelligent, deeply emotional, and intensely complex woman and he’s as fascinated by her aversion to Christmas as he is of the woman herself. A devout Christian at heart, he’s studied all of the world’s religions and homeopathic healing modalities. But when a rare bacterial infection threatens her life, will all of his faith and training be for naught?

    Fans of near death experiences will enjoy this woman’s mystical journey into spiritual Truth.

    Available in Ebook and Print at your favorite online retailer!

    I've been reading a lot of Dr. Joe Dispenza's books on the mind/body/spirit connection. I've always found the subject fascinating and the Science behind the Spiritual is mind blowing.


    1. Pam,
      Thanks for sharing info about your Christmas novella.

  4. So many books, and I love to read during the holidays. I'm reading Michael Connelly's Desert Star, Sharon Lynn's Death Takes a Bath, Nancy Polk Hall's The Blackbird's Wish, Dale Taylor's Carrie's Song, and Susan P. Baker's Defensible Murder.
    If anyone loves mysteries, check out my series and standalones at Wishing everyone happy holidays and happy reading.

    1. Saralyn,
      I enjoy reading your mystery fiction. I'm certain others will as well.

  5. Good morning,
    I wanted to post to all readers out there that I have wrote a memoir. I would appreciate anyone out there who like to purchase it and post feedback. It is a story about abuse, rape, and being a survivor. It is called Bitter Orange by Sandra Tesch. It is available through Amazon, (print and Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (print only at the moment).

    1. Sandra,

      Good luck with your memoir. Wishing you every success.