Monday, June 20, 2016

Short Fiction Opportunities for Writers by Jacqueline Seewald

If you are a writer of short fiction, there are many unique markets constantly popping up. They provide an exciting opportunity for new as well as experienced writers. What they have in common is that they are generally not high-paying but the brain child of ordinary people with extraordinary visions devoted to keeping meaningful fiction available to readers.

Although we tend to think of literary markets as non-paying, some indeed do pay well. Google “paying literary markets” and website listings pop up, these vary from print to online and in some cases include both.

There are more paying opportunities in genre fiction. Mystery is somewhat limited. However, if you think creatively, you can create mystery fiction with a speculative element. At this time, there are more opportunities in speculative short fiction writing--I refer here to sci-fi, horror and fantasy or a combination.

I wrote last of COLLIDOR which features live streaming of science fiction. My short story “Shroud,” a combination of science fiction and horror is featured on the website. Today I want to talk about Visual Adjectives which offers several types of anthology opportunities. I just received my copy of NEW LEGENDS which features fantasy.

Michelle Lawrence has put much time and effort into this work. The anthology she’s created consists of 400 pages of fantasy fiction. My story “The White Stag” is included in the current volume. This particular story is inspired by the legends of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, an area I truly love. In my mystery novel THE THIRD EYE the eerie legends of the Barrens play a significant part in the setting and plot line as well.

What makes this anthology particularly unique is that Michelle has created a book which has three different distinct covers available. So you can choose the one you prefer if you order the book. Here’s the one I chose:

Here are the other two covers revealed:

 Which cover do you like best?

At this time, there are more opportunities for submission for future New Legends anthologies (Steampunk, Sci-fi and Fantasy). No, you will not get rich but you will be paid and you will receive a print copy of the anthology if your story is chosen for publication. You can check this out here:

Good luck! Comments and questions welcome.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Blog Who or What Is Collidor? By Jacqueline Seewald

 For those of you who write some of everything as I do (call me a Jacqueline of all trades), I guess you could say that short story writing just naturally fits into the repertoire. So when the call went out for live streaming science fiction I submitted a story.

“Shroud” is the story I offered with particular hopes for acceptance. It’s a unique story based on actual science and what plausibly may happen in the future. It’s also a suspense thriller. And yes, I really read science magazines, health journals—you name it! I get a lot of my inspiration for fiction from reading nonfiction.

I wasn’t certain what “live streaming” actually meant. The Collidor website presents one “positive science fiction short story” each week. They’re doing this for ten weeks. Lynda Williams is the editor and publisher behind this project. It’s an admitted experiment. If readers buy into it, Collidor will continue purchasing and publishing short fiction online, and yes, this is a paying market for authors, although a small one.

If you’re a writer and a reader like me, check out Collidor. My short story is now the story of the week. A portion of the story is a free read. There is also an interview with yours truly. Comments very much appreciated (of course). Check it all out here:

or here:

Let me know what you think. Believe it or not, most writers don’t get much feedback.