Thursday, February 18, 2016

On Keeping Websites Updated

Today I updated my website by going into Layout on Blogger, entering Gadgets and adding my two latest novels. I then captioned most of my novels so interested readers will have some idea of what my books are about. Not all of my published books are listed, but there are enough for readers to get a good idea of my literature.

I write for adults, teens and children. I also write in a variety of genres and styles. I would say my novels are mainly mystery, suspense thrillers and romance. It’s important then that the captions reflect this.

Commitment to blogging means that websites need to be updated regularly. I don’t have the time to blog each day, although I wish I could. However, I think it is important for readers to know that I care about them as well as the quality of my writing. And so I’m trying to keep it current.

You will note that my latest novel for adult readers is an historical Western THE KILLING LAND. It should soon be coming into your local library. Ask for it if you don’t see it on the shelf.

STACY’S SONG is a coming-of-age/romance novel for teenage readers. It’s a completely rewritten and updated version of the previous print edition and now in all e-book formats.

DARK MOON RISING, another adult novel, is a paranormal gothic romance—a ghost story available both in print and all e-book formats as well.

Each of the newest novels comes from a different publisher and has had thorough editing.

And so for the moment, I am up-to-date on my website. Be back soon!

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