Friday, December 13, 2019

Sharing Reading Suggestions for the Holidays 2019

The winter holidays are a great time to gift friends, family or  yourself with books to read. With people going on vacation, many individuals enjoy relaxing with a good book. And there certainly are a lot of them being published! You can find books to suit every age and taste whether fiction or nonfiction. Let’s share recommendations, whether it be your own work or that of others. The only requirement for this blog is that the book was published in 2019.

I’ll start things going. I have short stories in five new publications which I recommend. They are: SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERY MAGAZINE #27, THE BLEND INTERNATIONAL, ROCK AND A HARD PLACE, RE-HAUNT, and last but not least, A MURDER OF CROWS. This last anthology is a large collection of cozy mystery stories connected by a common theme.

I also humbly suggest my just published historical romance SINFUL SEDUCTION which is receiving excellent reviews:





Okay, now it’s your turn. Please share the books and publications you think will make for good holiday reading. Feel free to talk about work you’ve recently had published if you’re an author. Readers, please mention books you have on your wish list and/or recently read and enjoyed.


  1. Jacquie, I've read so many good books this year. Last night, I finished "No One Will Find Me" by Marja McGraw and I really enjoyed it. I love her Sandi Webster mysteries!
    My newest release, "Murder at Maple Ridge," was published in early September. The book takes place on a snowy New Year's when a member of the Hollingsworth family is murdered.

    1. Pat,

      Congrats on the publication of your latest novel! It sounds intriguing.

  2. How wonderful Jacqueline!
    My entire Tempered Series is on sale through Christmas Eve with Keri's Christmas Wish - FREE!

    Kindle versions can be found here:

    Good luck, God's blessings, Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!

  3. Jacqueline,

    Congratulations on your new book! I wish you success.

    As for recommendations, I write the Emmeline Kirby/Gregory Longdon mystery series, which features a journalist and jewel thief. The books take place in the U.K. and Europe. The books are LEAD ME INTO DANGER; DEADLY LEGACY; FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE; A CHECKERED PAST; and WHEN BLOOD RUNS COLD.

    1. Daniella,

      Your books sound like great reads! Thanks for sharing your info.

  4. Wishing you great success with your new book, Jacqueline! I would like to suggest my book, PERFECTION. This is more than an artificial intelligence thriller. Behind the conspiracies and assassins is a love story that I think readers will be drawn to.

  5. Hopefully my planned retirement for early next year will happen and I'll actually get a chance to read more books. That said, being limited to those only published in 2019, I'll give a shout out to two Black Opal Books authors whose books I did read and I recommend them both: Saralyn Richard's 'Murder in the One Percent' and Steven Moore's 'Son of Thunder.' Each comment so far has mentioned their own book, so for those who like the Beatles, whodunit murder mysteries, and engagement of the heart characters, You Say Goodbye is my 2019 contribution. Top star rated reviews from Readers Favorite and Online Book Club and a Book Excellence Award Finalist.

  6. Hi Keith,

    Thanks for recommending these two books for readers as well as your own novel.

  7. Best of luck to you, Jacqueline, and thanks, Keith, for recommending my book. I would like to recommend Ann Weisgarber's The Glovemaker, P.D. Halt's When Death Imitates Art, and Minette Lauren's Cupcakes and Kisses. I love best of the year reading lists! Thanks for choosing this topic.

  8. Saralyn,

    Thanks for stopping by and offering these suggestions.

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