Friday, December 7, 2018

Perfect Presents for the Holidays: Sharing Reading Suggestions for the Holidays 2018

The holidays are a great time to gift friends, family or  yourself with books to read. With people going on vacation, many individuals enjoy relaxing with a good book. And there certainly are a lot of them being published! You can find books to suit every age and taste whether fiction or nonfiction. Let’s share recommendations, whether it be your own work or that of others. The only requirement for this blog is that the book was published in 2018.

I’ll start things going: I recently read THE OTHER LADY VANISHES by Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krentz). I’ve learned much about writing romantic suspense from this master of the genre. 

Shhh…MURDER! is another favorite of mine. This is a large collection of cozy mystery stories connected by the theme of libraries. Lots of humor and variety. I read the entire anthology from beginning to end with enjoyment.

I’ll also mention two of my novels, both published this summer. WITCH WISH is a YA novel from Black Opal Books. The central character has a sense of humor but the theme of survival in a dysfunctional family is a serious one.

My adult romantic suspense novel DEATH PROMISE is a sequel to DEATH LEGACY. Both novels received excellent reviews that include Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal.

Okay, now here’s your opportunity to share the books and publications you think will make for good holiday reading. Feel free to talk about work you’ve recently had published if you’re an author. Readers, please mention books you have on your wish list and/or recently read and enjoyed.


  1. Sounds like you've done some pretty awesome reading Jacqueline!
    Thanks for the opportunity to share the fact that my books are on sale 30-50% off through Christmas and I've reduced the price on some of my paperback's also!

    Check them out at Amazon



    Happy Reading Folks!
    Good luck and God's blessings to you and your readers Jacquie.

  2. Always good to hear of new titles, Jacqueline. Thanks.

  3. "The Worst Noel" by Amy Reade was published this year and is an excellent read.
    I'll also mention my own "Secrets in Storyville," - released in June of 2018. The book is a light mystery with humor, romance and family drama.

  4. The Man Who Couldn't Miss by David Handler. It's his new Stewart Hoag mystery. He started writing the series in the 80s and 90s and then stopped. He resurrected it last year and this is his second since then. It's become one of my favorite. I'm pleased to announce I have a new mystery coming out on December 29. A Two Horse Town is the second in my Kate Caraway Animal-Rights mystery series. The Kindle version now available for pre-order on Amazon for $2.99. On my wish is is Harlan Coben's Run Away, released for release next March.

  5. I love a good romantic suspense too! Murder and witches are two of my favorite themes. Thanks for the opportunity to share our new releases this year. "Welcome to Danvers" is the first book in my YA modern Gothic series and was published in October. It's got romance, mystery, and a hint of paranormal. Free for KU readers at:

    Penne Mayer

  6. I love all your titles! My latest release is A Murder of Principle.--good for anyone who has had an evil administrator or boss!

  7. Confession - I am such a series slut & I heed the siren call of fantasy, SF, and mystery genres. Pom poms ready, I'm cheering a few authors I think are awesome, but don't get a lot of recognition or are just starting out. Laura Elvebak's Niki Alexander series and Sandra Gardner's Mother-and-Me Mysteries are so different, but excellent reads. Tooting my own horn here. Want a gritty thriller with plot twists galore? Just out, Sins of the Sister by Zari Reede. Newcomer, Paul E Biagi's Uthuru, the first book in a SF series, blew me away. Don't miss Minette Lauren's book, Race for the Sun and SP Brown's Veiled Memory.

  8. I have read Witch Wish and Death Promise and would recommend both. Thank you, Zoe for mentioning my book, Race for the Sun, being released tomorrow. I recommend your fantasy, Kiltz and Catnip, soon to be up for preorder. I too love Laura Elvebak’s mysteries as well as Saralyn Richard’s debut mystery, Murder in the One Percent. I recommend Run Dog Run and am adding One Horse town to my reading list for the holidays(Kaska). I’m currently reading Deanne Brown’s Unholy series and loving it! Pepper O Neal has a well written, well read romance on Audible. Tonya Royston’s Gypsy series is amazing and I loved Mollie Blakes’s Guiltless for those of you who are looking for more naughty than nice:) Minette Lauren/Zari Reede

  9. Thanks for the mention, Zari. And your reading list looks great. I will check out Brown's and Royston's books.

  10. I just finished Herons Landing by JoAnn Ross which was a wonderful contemporary small-town romance with both a friends to lovers' theme for the younger couple and a recommitment between a married couple.
    My holiday story, Gingerbread Wishes, is a contemporary small-town romance that is the first story in my Sugar & Spice Bakery series. Better yet, it's perma-free.
    Barnes & Noble

  11. This was an enjoyable post. Maybe I'll talk about my reading list after the first of the year. I am so far behind that it's not a subject I want to broach right now.

  12. I write fantasy--my hero is young and really pretty bad at the romance thing just yet. The Dragon's Pearl came out this year, which you can find at . It's the second in a series, which began with Hatchling (only 99 cents) and you can find that at my author page, too.

  13. Hi,

    Just to thank everyone who has posted so far. We're getting a lot of views and I hope they result in good reads for all of us. I'll put out reminders to get more readers and writers involved during this week.

  14. Jacqueline, Thanks for the post to Dreamspell. I'm excited that my third Lynn Dayton thriller, The Second Law, is out in print and e-book, available from Barnes & Noble, your favorite independent bookstore, and Amazon in the US and even in stores overseas in Norway, Sweden, and Australia.