Friday, November 16, 2018

Interview with Publisher Tanya Eby

Tanya Eby is the owner of Blunder Woman Productions. She is also a USA Today bestselling author and an award-winning narrator of 700 audio books. She has a passion for storytelling and her indie publishing company allows her to create and publish exciting work by new authors. She is deeply committed to giving voice to stories by people who haven’t been heard. You can find out more about Blunder Woman Productions Find out more about Tanya at

Question: What is the title and genre of your book?  Why did you select them?

Answer: WRONG TURN, an anthology of thriller and mystery stories. I wanted to offer a collection of stories in this genre for a few reasons:

1) I love short stories as an art form. They’re the perfect thing to read between novels or when you don’t have a lot of time. Sometimes I read short stories while reading another book as a little break.

2) Why thriller and mystery stories? Because they’re my favorite. I also wanted to hear these stories performed.

Question:   What inspired this book? How did it come about?

Answer:  Really it just came from me thinking of the next project I wanted to produce and then looking at what I wanted as a fan. What did I want to work on? What would be a fun prompt to give writers to explore. Equally, what would be fun for narrators to play with? It all led me to take a…Wrong Turn. That’s so cheesy, but it’s true.

Question:   Can you tell us about some of your other published books?

Answer:  Our other original anthologies (in audiobook and ebook) are Nevertheless We Persisted, Vintage Love Stories, and coming soon…Nevertheless We Persisted: Me Too.

As I mentioned, I love short form writing. Anthologies give me the chance as a publisher to work with a variety of writers and then pair them with terrific narrators. I plan on offering more collections in the future. I’m thinking I’d like a collection of humor, one of horror, and one of erotica short stories. Something for every mood, I guess.

Question:   What are you working on now?

Answer:  Right now, we’re working on Nevertheless We Persisted: Me Too. These are powerful poems and essays about people’s direct experience with sexual trauma and/or discrimination. It’s a heavy piece, but I feel it’s also a really important one.

Question:   What made you start publishing?

Answer: I started publishing because I wanted…more. I’m a full-time, professional narrator and I’m also a writer. Over the years, I’ve made a lot of connections with writers and narrators, and it just seemed like I could help get their great material out in the world. Since I had the skills and some extra time, why not? Publishing gives me a creative outlet where I have control over a final product. It’s very satisfying to publish and hopefully help give new writers an outlet for their work…and for many of them, their first taste of being published.

Question:   What advice would you offer to those who are currently writing?

Answer: Keep on writing. Every time you write something, you’re better than the piece before. Train yourself to write every day, on a variety of prompts. Be open to possibilities. Support other writers, and indie publishers. We’re here working for you. J

Question:  Where and when will readers be able to obtain your book?


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  1. What a great interview and so nice to 'meet' you!
    Good luck and God's blessings

  2. As a writer of short fiction as well as novels, I'm happy to see someone publishing short fiction collections. My own don't do well (I just give away my short fiction now), and, from what I've heard, it's a more difficult business than publishing novels. Good luck Tanya with all your projects. I'll be cheering for you!

  3. Terrific interview. Good to know Blunder Woman is around!

  4. I too love short stories, and they're my preferred reading late in the evening. The new collection sounds like a good one. Hope it does well.

  5. I love the cover and title for Wrong Turn. It makes me think of Alfred Hitchcock. Wonderful that you are doing so much as a writer and publisher. Helping fellow writers must be so rewarding. Best wishes in all that you do!

  6. Enjoyed reading about all of your endeavors. Wishing you the best with your writing and publishing.

  7. Interesting interview. And Wrong Turn sounds like it's worth checking out.

  8. O am intrigued by your interesting approach and concepts--especially would like to read abut the Me Too experiences. I am currently working on a nonfiction children's book about butterflies and yoga. Any ideas to pass on? Thanks! Lovely interview.