Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Statement of Intent by Jacqueline Seewald

Shakespeare referred to Cleopatra as a woman of “infinite variety.” I believe that is the greatest possible compliment anyone can receive. As a writer and a reader I would like to think of myself in that way.

Therefore, it will be my intent while I write this blog to discuss many types of writing from the standpoint of both reader and writer. I’ve written well-reviewed novels, shorts stories, plays, poetry, nonfiction articles, and reviews, most of it published. I write for adults, teenagers and children. I intend to discuss all of these genres at various times. I am also an avid reader of books, magazines and newspapers. I’m interested in what is happening in our world and culture.

I intend for my website/blog to be an open forum to thoughts and comments of other individuals as well. Hopefully, it will prove interesting enough for readers to return regularly.

Welcome to my blog!

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  1. It is Writer's Digest not The Writer that produces the market guildlines